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Bar Rentals

The bar is the centerpiece of any event. It's where people gather, conversations take shape, and the magic of an event happens. Its setup should never be overlooked. Make sure you have an adequate number of bars to serve your guests well, considering the available space, number of guests, service type, and menu complexity.

Cocktail bar, smoothie bar, juice bar, candy bar
Regardless of the type of products served at your event, whether it's beer, wine, cocktails, coffee, or others, the bar counter should be practical for the staff working there and functional for what is being served. Don't forget about storage! The Manhattan bar, available in various colors and finishes, can have a shelf inside to facilitate service. Add a Monaco, Empire, or Dubai shelf at the back to store glasses, bottles, and other accessories required for quick and efficient service. Guests with a full glass are satisfied guests.

Circulation around the bar
Good circulation around the bar and food stations is essential. Position your bar counter strategically—not too close to the entrance or popular food stations, as it can create traffic congestion. You can also position multiple bars in the venue or separate them based on the type of products they serve to ensure a smoother flow of people at each location. A centrally accessible bar that allows a 360-degree approach can be an excellent alternative, depending on the type of venue you have.

Choose the look of your bar
As mentioned earlier, the bar attracts attention, so it should match the event's decor and theme. It's easy to personalize it with corporate colors or event-specific prints on the front, sides, or even the top. Adding lighting to make it more visible is also a great idea. The service team will appreciate it as well because they'll have better visibility of their tasks throughout the evening.

Renting a bar counter can be used for all types of events, whether it's for your booth at a trade show, a corporate cocktail party, a fundraiser, and more. It can serve as a service counter, information station, welcome counter, or even a DJ table.