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Chair and stool rental

Chair and stool rental

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Chair rentals for your event

The banquet chairs at the hotel or convention center may seem worn out, and if you want to add some pizzazz to your decor, renting chairs has never been easier. We have chairs available in all colors, finishes, and styles for your banquet, conference, or wedding ceremony. You can also rent outdoor chairs if your event takes place under the Quebec sun. Choose the chair that complements your decor, and you're good to go.

We prioritize the comfort of our guests
Of course, we must consider the comfort of our attendees. Even if the speaker is the best orator on Earth, our interest wanes quickly if we're uncomfortable. The Milan chair provides just the right amount of comfort to keep participants actively engaged. Additionally, it's available in 10 colors, so you'll certainly find your corporate color or the color that perfectly matches your event's theme. Another tip: if your participants have a higher average age, you'll likely want to provide a greater number of seating options and ensure that they are comfortable.

Let's not forget about stools
You can rent stools to accompany cocktail tables, for the VIP area of your festival, or for the bar. We have several stool models available for rent, catering to those who care about looks as well as those who prioritize comfort. Once again, if the guests are older, consider renting high chairs with backrests and ample cushioning. The younger crowd will be satisfied with backless stools where they can quickly take a seat and get back to dancing at lightning speed.