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Decoration rental

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Event Decor Rentals

The decor is the overall effect created by all the details that impress participants as soon as they arrive at your event. Well-executed decor can transform a school gymnasium or cafeteria into a grand reception venue.

A grand entrance
The arrival at an event is a key moment to set the tone, create expectations, and establish the foundation of the experience. The guests' first experience begins outside near the entrance and continues inside with the welcome area, registration, and coat check. Sometimes all it takes is a red carpet rental with a few crowd control poles and ropes to quickly create an unforgettable entrance. The carpet can also be used in front of your photo booth to continue the VIP and glamorous experience. You can even serve a cocktail at the entrance on a communal table or a service bar.

Curtains, walls, and drapes for a spectacular decor
Convention center walls may not always meet your aesthetic preferences. We have several solutions for you: velvet or sheer curtains in white, black, or colorful options. Velvet curtains are opaque and perfect for a stage backdrop, concealing the catering area or coat check, or creating a cozy atmosphere in the room. With sheer curtains, you can play with the quantity per section to achieve the desired level of opacity based on the situation and the look you want to achieve. We even have decorative walls to dress up the bar area, create a backdrop for speakers, or divide the space with brick, cork, or wood effects. You can choose whatever suits your needs because we have it all!

Key element, lighting
High-quality lighting is essential for creating a successful ambiance. Our LED panels are perfect for illuminating your velvet or sheer curtains, and you can even choose the color of the lighting. Our neon lights effectively highlight the Manhattan bars and Empire towers, showcasing your sponsors. If you have the option to hang fixtures from the ceiling, you can select from our range of chandeliers and lighting fixtures for rent – we have options to suit all tastes.