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Table Rentals

In the kitchen, conversations become serious or fun around the kitchen island, but at events, it's all about the cocktail table. Whether it's a cocktail table, bistro table, banquet table, or coffee table, choose the one that suits your preferences. We have all kinds, styles, and colors available.

Cocktail table rentals
Whether round or square, the cocktail table is a classic for a successful event. The duration of your cocktail, the size of the venue, the type of guests, and the chosen format will help you determine the number of tables required. These factors will also influence your choice of stools to accompany the table and how many stools to place per table. For a quick cocktail event without food being served, it may not be necessary to add stools to every table. Guests can simply use them to place their drinks and lean on them for conversations and networking.

Banquet table rentals
As a general rule, banquet tables are 30 inches tall and round. However, there's nothing stopping you from being innovative and original. Rent rectangular tables or even communal tables that are 40 inches tall for a more dynamic banquet setup. You can even mix different shapes and heights, including round, rectangular, and square tables at either 30 or 40 inches tall. The possibilities are endless.

Coffee table rentals
In a lounge area, it's essential to consider coffee tables. They can be used as side tables next to a sofa or as a central table surrounded by several armchairs. Coffee tables provide a place to put glasses and plates. If you have provided armchairs for your speakers, consider adding a few side tables where they can place their water glasses and notes.