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Decorative element rental

Decorative element rental

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Decorative Element Rentals

Accessories are the finishing touches that complete the decor of your event. They are the small details that enhance a lounge area, stylishly dress up a bar, and catch the eye of those seeking refinement. Whether it's votive candles on cocktail tables, decorations on shelves behind the bar, or accessories at the welcome area, all these elements subtly contribute to the success of your event.

Decor for the bar, lounge area, cocktail and banquet tables
Votive candles, vases, and cushions are just a few decorative elements that add a winning touch to the shelf behind the bar. When it comes to cocktail tables, choose votives or accessories that are not too large, especially if guests need space to place their glasses or plates. We want to marry aesthetics with functionality here.

For your banquet, avoid blocking the view of the guests. It's unpleasant to have to lean to the side to speak to the person sitting across from us. Don't forget about the lounge area – your guests will gather there at the end of the evening to extend the enjoyment and continue their conversations. Cushions add to the comfort of the armchairs, and a plush, long-pile rug will be particularly appreciated by those who want to take off their high heels.