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Bourbon table 6'
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Bourbon table 6' used in the inspiration Table Bourbon
Bourbon table 6' used in the inspiration Cs Belvédère Table Bourbon EN
Bourbon table 6'

Bourbon table 6'

Included in this product
  • 2 x Bourbon barrel - Wood
In summary
  • Instagram Delivery and installation by DX
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  • Instagram Indoor and outdoor use


Historically used for its strength and tightness, the barrel has long been used as a simple container and for its aromatic properties when aging alcohol. In the 21st century, the Bourbon barrel has multiple uses. It makes a perfect cocktail table, a decorative element of character, or as a food station stand. By adding a wooden tray, the barrel becomes the Bourbon table and can accommodate four to six people seated around it.
Dimensions in - cm
Width 72.0"
Depth 30.0"
Height 36.5"
Additional details
Color Bois brun
Materials Bois
Indoor and outdoor use Yes